Monday, February 4, 2013

Parent FAIL

Parent FAIL, or, The First Time My Daughter Crossed the Road by Herself.

Madeleine started year 7 last week. We were organised, and her first morning went really well. We got to school in plenty of time, and although I didn't go in with her (she asked me not to, but I think she regretted it) I sat and watched as my big girl strolled into her new big school.

If it wasn't for the fact that I still have my 2 babies in the back to cuddle still I think I would have cried buckets. As it was I sniffed away a few tears.

Pickup time was a different matter altogether. The morning was calm and organised and we got to school 15 minutes early. Nice timing. The afternoon was CRAZY. Cars everywhere going in every direction thanks to the 3 schools on the same road all finishing around the same time. Our school in particular has hardly anywhere to pull over to get your kids, so rather than continue to fight traffic I turned into a side street directly opposite the school and crossing and called Maddy to tell her where I was. After a few minutes she came running down the street and launched herself into the car full of bubbles and enthusiasm about her first day.

Finally she finished the download about her new friends, teachers, and classes. From there she came out with:

"I was a little nervous coming to the car Mum. It's my first time crossing the road by myself."

What the??? Are you serious? But after racking my brains I realised she was right.

How did I let my child get to be 12 years old, and in high school before crossing the road by herself? And how could I let her first time happen in such a cavalier manner? If I'd put any thought into it I would have supervised her first time, instructing her carefully in checking for traffic first. And it would have happened long before high school for heavens sake. But instead I sat calmly in my car and didn't even watch her.

Parent of the year award nominee here. NOT.

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