Monday, February 11, 2013

Doooownsizing....with a capital D

Saturday before last, in a smash decision to just get moving, we packed up all our belongings and made the move to my in-laws granny flat. This is just an interim for a few weeks until we have built up some money to cover a bond for ourselves. We have some money in savings for a bond, but I resent dipping into it.

So we have have moved our 3 bedroom, 4 living room, 2 bathroom + laundry 5 person family (see all those numbers?) into a 2 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 bathroom granny flat. It's awesome. No really.
Our new living space. All of it. I'm standing on the couch
to take the pic. Yes I know my baby is getting square eyes *sigh*

I put almost everything into storage. If I hadn't used it in the month of January (with the exception of school stuff of course) it went into storage. We actually fit quite comfortably. Seb was already sharing our room with us (my babies sleep in the same room as me till they are 1, and he is only 6 months). But now Maddy (12) and Lolly (21 months) are sharing. Bahaha. It's hysterical. Lolly thinks it's awesome having her sister only a metre away at nighttime, and pesters her all night with plea's of "Peeez Ma'aline, up. Up, peeeez. Peeeeeeeeeez!"

Madeleine can't handle it, she gives her sister just about anything she asks for, and even I have to admit that when Lolly pulls out the "peeeez" she's pretty adorable. It's killing Maddy to have to roll over and ignore her, and Husband and I sit in the living room giggling because she sounds so cute.

The cleaning is brilliant. This place is so small, and we have so much less "stuff" that it takes hardly any time to clean. You would think that means my house is spotless now right? Wrong. It just means I only have to put in half as much effort to get the old half-assed result. More time for me. 

We have willing and desperate baby-sitters only 3 metres away. No more coordinating drop offs and pickups, I can just push them in the door of the main house on my way out. 3/4 of the time one baby or more is already there anyway since a grandparent will wander past the granny flat at any given time and steal one away.

I think I will enjoy this for the month or so we are here.

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