Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cool as a Cucumber

One of the drawbacks about granny flat living is that there is no air conditioning. So far we haven't had a really hot day, but the normally warm days heat up this sardine can pretty well.
I crank the fans up to high, and open all the windows in the hopes of catching some cool breezes, and for the most part we all put up with the sweat dripping down our necks.

Not Lolly.

Nope, Lolly has come up with her own way of beating the heat. First she started out by stripping off her clothes. Although I hate the bogan look of a baby running around in a nappy, I completely sympathise. If I could get away with it I'd be running around in nothing but my knickers at the moment too. I've got a hard enough time keeping my 12 year old in clothes, because she doesn't fully understand we don't have the same privacy here that we had in our own house and frankly she might not be noticing her new figure all that much but everyone else sure is. The more clothes I keep on her the better.

Next Lolly discovered the freezer when I was packing away groceries. After the obligatory lick to see what the door feels like on her tongue (while I waited to see if the urban myths are true and if she would get stuck) she promptly sat down with her back to the drawers. Bliss.

There's no dragging her away from it. It takes bribery in the form of a Zooper Dooper to get that door shut again, and even that doesn't last long. Anytime she is feeling a little hot, Lolly is right back there in the kitchen on her little perch soaking up the chill. And she doesn't share. If anyone comes near her for any other purpose than to toss a Zooper Dooper her way she takes a swipe at them with the exclamation "mine!" and wriggles her little butt into a more comfortable position.

I think it might be worthwhile investing in a portable air conditioner somehow.

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