Monday, January 7, 2013

Never send a man to do the shopping

We have $30 left till payday on Thursday. Correction. We HAD $30 left until payday on Thursday. Pathetic right? This always happens this pay cycle at this time of year because I spend big in the sales. It didn't help that Husbands pay came through 5 days early this fortnight because the payroll girls were going on holidays. It was gooooone, before it was even due in the account.

But it's not that big a deal. We have cupboards and a freezer full of food, tanks full of petrol, and plenty of free/prepaid holiday entertainment up our sleeves.

I sent Husband up to the shops to buy a tomato, bread and milk. A TOMATO, BREAD AND MILK. $4.50, $5 tops. He came home with a set of Nemo cutlery, plate and bowl, air freshener, chips, bread, milk, but forgot the damn tomato. $18! So now we have $12 left until payday. AND I can't have tomato on my sandwich today.
Because we needed this so badly

When quizzed on the Nemo dinner set? I had commented recently that we needed more toddler forks, Lorelei likes fish and they were a bargain at only $2.80 per piece. Well yes, Lorelei is quite taken with her new fishy dinner set and I was going to shop for more toddler cutlery. But it could have waited till payday damnit! As could the chips and air freshener. But Husband looks at me quizzically as though he has no idea why I am ranting.

Fingers crossed we don't find ourselves with any surprise costs this week. Or nothing that costs more than $12 anyway.

I think I'll buy the bread myself tonight.


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