Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I get my Kebab on...yum

"I'm running up the shop to get something for lunch. Any special requests?"

Dad was over this weekend, painting the house to get it ready to rent out. We were running short on sandwich meats and a trip to Coles was needed.

"A kebab love. With everything." At that, Maddy and Husbands eyes lit up, and suddenly the requests were pouring in for kebabs.

Are you kidding? They clearly have no idea how much kebabs cost. 4 kebabs would not be leaving much/any change out of $40, and I would get stuck sharing mine with Lorelei unless I bought her one of her own, bringing the purchase closer to $50. But I didn't want to look like too much of a tightarse to Dad, seeing as how I'm getting a free paint job (+paint) out of him a kebab doesn't seem like too much to ask for.

So my way around it?

1. Ask the kebab shop dude for a box of kebab meat and let him go away and work out how much to charge you. Mine charged me $15. Deal.

2. Lebanese bread from the local fruit shop - $1.

3. Fillings - tomato's, lettuce, cheese, onion. I already had everything in the house, but maybe $5-6.
4. Make them up, wrap in some foil and pop on the sandwich press to crisp up.

They were a hit, and I managed to get 7.5 kebabs out of the meat, so Husband and I had them for lunch the next day too. I resent paying big bucks for takeaway, but have to admit that I still have the cravings for it. So this seemed like a good compromise, and it didn't taste any different. In fact, I enjoyed every greasy mouthful. As did the kids.
Lolly loved her kebab and
got to have her own
Maddy always loves kebabs

So 7 (and a half for Lorelei!) kebabs for under $25. Bargain. We'll be doing this again.

Do you have any cheap & creative ways to get your grease on that you can share with me?

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