Monday, January 28, 2013

Declutter my life

Since we made the big decision to rent out our home and relocate closer to my daughters high school, I have been busy packing and getting ready to go.
We don't have a set moving date, because we will just be moving over to my in-laws 2 bedroom granny flat for a few weeks before moving to a new house closer to school. And I'm not going to compress our lives into that little granny flat until the absolute last minute, so for now we are waiting for a tenant. We've had x2 open houses with a few people at each one, but so far no applications for the house. It's only been a week since the first open house, and the last one was Friday at 4pm, so I know I shouldn't be too anxious, but because this house is my pride and joy it actually almost feels like a rejection that no-one has put an application in yet!
I had no idea how much crap we own. We are moving in a few layers. Stuff that can go into storage for the year or two we expect to rent so that we can rent something a little smaller than we are in now, and stuff that we will want at the rental, but can make do without at the granny flat which is a good size, but nowhere near big enough to accommodate all the random junk that comes with a FIVE person family.
In forcing myself to look at everything with a view to packing it long term or medium term, I'm realising how much stuff we own that maybe we don't need. I have gotten rid of so much stuff, because as I make the decision to put it in long term storage because I won't need it for the next year or two, it makes me realise half the time that maybe I don't need it all.
So I am selling on eBay, and Facebook garage sale pages frantically in an effort to make some cash on this random junk, with mixed success. A few hundred dollars later and some donations to the salvo's, I have alot less junk and some money to contribute towards the costs of fixing up the house.
I have my fingers cross we will find ourselves a tenant this week, and will maybe move out next weekend. Now that we have made the decision to go, I just want it to happen. The house is half painted white, which is so depressing, I have always had such a colourful house. My Dad is a painter by trade and will finish painting over the new few days, so my tenants will be getting themselves a nice fresh paint job. Just lucky for me that we can save a few thousand dollars on a professional painter because husband and I have about as much talent in the painting department as we do in the gardening department. Which is to say none.
Even though its so far down the track, my mind is already planning the next house we will buy or build, and all the features I want it to have. I'm so impatient to get into this dream house already, but I need to lay the foundation of saving some money towards it first. I really don't want to take on a bigger mortgage even though I want the bigger house, so we need to get saving. So 2013 and 2014 will see me becoming an even bigger tightarse than I already am!

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