Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Idea's for your Tween Girl

I have me a tween. She turns 12 next month, but every now and then I get a flash of her teenage self and boy am I SCARED!

She's going into high school next year, and thanks to the schools not so subtle hint, she is getting an iPad for Christmas. We were originally buying her a laptop but the school is moving towards iPads they tells us. I'm a little miffed, because we always told her that as a Christmas or Birthday present we would go HALVES. But we also have planned to buy her the laptop going into high school so it leaves us in the position of buying something that I consider the most awesome toy ever instead. Bah. Humbug!

I say that's the reason I'm miffed but really I'm spewing she's getting one before me! I would LOVE an iPad but funds just will not stretch right now.

So she is only getting a few little things under the tree as a surprise, but this year I feel like I have nailed some really nice things at a great price, so I'm sharing in case you are stuck!

1. Shambala Bracelet. I know a few teenage and pre-teen girls that have asked for these, and I was tickled to find them at Goldmark in the current catalogue for only $19.95.  I shopped around first, and found them ranging all the way up to $99.95 at the Gucci Store so it's a delicate and special little piece of bling that I know Maddy is going to LOVE.

2. One Direction Poster. Unless your daughter does not go into a sparkle eyed giggling gossip queen every time the band comes on the radio. In which case a poster of their favourite Pop Star. These posters are huge, and are so much more impressive than the ones they get out of magazines. I found mine for $12 at a local poster and prints store, so it wasn't a wallet breaker. If you really want to impress, they were $49.95 to get framed.

3. iPad/iPod/iPhone/Laptop covers. There was an incredible fashion range out there! I had no idea. I was just going to get her a plain one from the electrical store, but I'm so glad I didn't! Browse the fashion and stationary stores for some great covers, all less than $20, many less than $10. Maddy is fluero mad at the moment and I was able to bag her a gold and multi coloured fluero iPad cover that I know she is going to love for $14 from Forever New.

4. A new handbag. Maddy has been carrying around the handbags she was attracted to as a younger girl, a little pretty decorated denim bag, a Minnie Mouse bag etc. Lately, I've noticed she doesn't like the carry them and has started putting her book or DS in my bag when we leave the car. So I've bought her a sweet little white handbag that is much older without being too much. There were heaps out there to choose from, and thanks to all the sales in store, you'd be hard pushed to lose more than $20. This little one cost me $17 from Equip.

5. Nailpolish. Maddy loves painting her nails while she is on holidays, so a few bright and funky colours to add to her little collection will be a hit. I picked up a 5 pack from Gloss for only $8.95.

Nothing on this list breaks the bank, but I know Maddy will love them, and I love having some surprises under the tree for her. Well, the iPad is actually a surprise, because she thinks Dad and I are still buying her a laptop instead, but it's not 100% a surprise.

If you had a preteen in your life you were struggling to buy for, I hope I've given you some idea's! I know how much easier my babies are to buy for right now.

Are you all finished your shopping? Or still have little bits and pieces left? I don't have much, but there is definately going to have to be another trip to the shops at some point.

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  1. Thank you!! I have a few tweens to buy for an I had absolutely no idea. Rachel xx

  2. Great list. I have two teens and a tween and they are soooo hard to buy for.

  3. i may have only started my shopping yesterday - dont tell anyone! this looksl ike a great list!


  4. My nieces school uses laptops and ipads. Its insane!! I buy all the tween/teens itunes cards for birthdays and christmas.

  5. Finished wrapping all my presents this morning - YAY!

  6. Thank goodness I only have a toddler - Thomas the Tank engine all the way for me!
    Really good ideas though, is it wrong to want the 1D poster? :-)

  7. I'm all done thank goodness!
    Tween girls are one of the most difficult to shop for. My eldest is not quite into really girly stuff, but not into toys anymore either.

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