Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dealing with my health

This is the consequence of ignoring my health.
All along I have known that there was something wrong. Vomiting, lethargy, night sweats and chills alternatively, dizziness and a nasty hard lump on the right hand side of my body.
But I kept passing off symptoms as normal for post pregnancy, and letting life be too busy for a trip to the doctor.
It took me crashing to the floor unconscious and smacking the right side of my face on the way down at 4am when I was trying to make a bottle for Seb to bring me to my senses.
So this is not one of the wordless Wednesdays that I sometimes like to post. This is my reminder to all women that we need to look after ourselves first before we look after our families. Like on an airplane. They always say to secure your own face mask before helping anyone else.
I am trapped in hospital for a while, I'm not even being reviewed till next Tuesday, I just have to sit tight till then with bag after bag of antibiotics going through my system.
The hardest part is being away from the kids. Especially when I haven't really had a chance to organise for being away. Normally I would precook meals for everyone and clear the calendar. At the moment husband and I are taking it day by day.
If I hadn't put off dealing with it so long the abcess growing on my appendix might not have been able to grow so big. And maybe my treatment and care would not take so long.
So the moral of this story is to pay attention to your health needs!


  1. Elise! I just caught up, so so sorry to hear you're unwell xx

    Hoping days are brighter soon lovely xx

    1. Thanks marissa nice to hear from you! Are you all set for next years dpcon? Hope to make it there myself again and catch up


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