Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Great Christmas Truth

Trapped from my hospital bed with no computer or laptop I have to confess I've been a little stuck for inspiration to blog. But my trusty iPhone can still do the job and I thought I'd share my experience last year with having the much dreaded Santa conversation with my almost 11 year old.
I had suspected from the previous year that belief was running in short supply but there was an almost desperate determination from my daughter to keep believing. Like she didn't want to give in to all the kids in her life trying to shatter the dream.
Around about this time of year, in the car on the way home from dancing she suddenly asked the question.
"Mummy, you know magic and Santa and the Easter Bunny.....tell me the truth. Are they really real?"
When she was 5 and asked a similar question, wounded because some big kids at school had teased her for her beliefs I had no hesitation in giving her a flat out yes.
But now was different. My biggest girl has outgrown her innocence and it was time for the real Christmas Truth.
So I answered. "You know that feeling you get on Christmas Eve when you're all tucked in bed?" Nod. "That one were you can't sleep but you really want to so that Christmas comes faster?". Nod. "How about that feeling when you wake up and realise it's Christmas morning and you can come running out to see what Santa may have left behind. How do you feel then?"
"Excited...." My little girl answered slowly. This answer was taking longer than she thought.
"And remember how excited you were to give Jane (anonymous friend) that Justin Bieber cd? You knew she'd love it and you couldn't wait to see her face when she unwrapped it? Well, those feelings ARE the magic, so yes, magic is definately real.
BUT, you are old enough to know now that Mummy and Daddy help the magic to happen."
"Does that mean you put the presents in the Santa sack?" my seemingly younger by the minute baby asked me with a quivering lip.
"Yes. But the magic only has to stop if you say it has to. Daddy and I love being part of the magic, and we love that we get to make magic for Lorelei now too" (our then 7 month old, now 18 months old). You can be part of the magic too still"
My little girl cried silently the whole drive home. Letting go of this one was hard no matter what.
But over the course of December the magic continued. Letters turned up (for the first time ever) from Santa in the mail. At first it infuriated Maddy that Husband and I played innocent to her determination to be "in on the secret".
Other little traditions continued, including the family shot with Santa, and by Christmas Eve Maddy talked her sister through the time honored process of leaving cookies for Santa. No wink wink. Just pleasure at introducing her sister to the experience.
Christmas morning, long after the paper had been stuffed in bins and Lorelei was playing with the box a toy came in Maddy gave me a quick hug. "Thanks for the magic Mum".
Our religion, and family also plays a big part in Christmas for us, I know it's not really mentioned but this particular memory was about keeping the magic alive.
What can I say? I subscribe to the "yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus" school of thought.

How about you? Have you done it like a bandaid? Or maybe your home doesn't do the Santa thing. Share your experiences with me xxx


  1. Wow a great way to explain it. I will use that when my boys are older.

    1. Hope you have many years of innocence ahead of you first!
      Thanks for commenting xx


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