Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting a CT scan

Its been more than 2 weeks and I'm STILL in hospital. One of my many new experiences in my time here has been a CAT scan, something I've never been exposed to before.
I wasn't sure what to expect, and frankly when I laid eyes on the long cylinder with its bed just waiting for me that would slide inside I was filled with absolute terror.
For no good reason. It doesn't actually look that scary but I was terrified nevertheless.
Because I hadn't realised that was what this particular machine was.
And the only time I've seen this machine before is in episodes of House. And in House, when the patient is inside this machine being scanned he is guaranteed to suddenly start vommitting blood, convulsing, or some other scary shit.
So the whole time my bed thingy was sliding in and out I was bug eyed waiting for the climax.
Which didn't happen.
Surprise, surprise, the process is painless and easy and blood free. I've had 3 now since I got here and while I keep channelling House episodes on the bed most of the terror is gone.
So if you have a CT scan booked anytime soon, my advice is to not watch scary hospital shows first!

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