Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teaching Miss 11 to shave...or...my tight arse holiday activity

We didn't do much these holidays. With Seb barely home from hospital and Husband off for 2 weeks, we decided to insulate ourselves from the rest of the world. We mostly ignored the phones, Facebook, and texts from people wanting to come visit or wanting us to visit them, and just got used to being a family of 5.
It was nice.
And even though Maddy was bored stiff, (or so she claimed), it gave Husband and I a chance to rest. We've both kept up crazy busy schedules for the 6 weeks that Sebastian was in Hospital, so lazy mornings and days spent just being at home were great for us. I think Lolly appreciated having us around and not shuffling her off to babysitters too.
One thing I did do these holidays was teach Madeleine how to shave her legs. At 11, I sort of feel like she's too young, I definitely wanted her to wait for high school, but the poor thing takes after her fathers side of the family and has some pretty impressive black hair on her legs.
It's the one thing she's self conscious about, and frankly, its just not worth deteriorating her self confidence just to meet some preconceived idea I have about girls being in high school before they start shaving.
My mother never taught me to shave my legs. I wasn't allowed to. Finally at 14, after being teased at school for days about my legs, I jumped in the bath tub and cut my legs to shreds with mums dodgy, rarely used, old razor blade in my determination to have smooth legs like everyone else.
Maddy and I perched at opposite ends of the bath and I drilled her a little in how to use the blade safely and how to try to minimise/eliminate cuts and nicks.
I shaved my hospital legs which hadn't seen the light of day in the better part of 2 months, and she shaved her pretty 11 year old legs. She was pretty tickled with the results afterwards, so I feel good about letting her do this.
At some point I mentioned bikini lines, which of course opened up a whole new conversation about future grooming needs. Maddy was disgusted with the concept, but equally horrified to realise that as a ballet dancer she's either going to have to go where she doesn't want to go, have some curlies showing around her leotard, or quit (yeah right).
I didn't bother teaching her about shaving underarms yet, despite her pleading. She has a grand total of 3 (3!) hairs under each arm. Just 3.
It was nice to have this moment with her, especially since I didn't have any girly moments like these with my mother who had funny idea's about many things. (Tampons, periods, sex, boys, anatomy....the list goes on). Most topics were off limits, or her idea's were plain old not OK and my friends set me straight later. Think Stephen Kings Carrie - remember her freaky deaky mum? Mines not far off). We moisturised afterwards, and I felt like crying that she is old enough to be interested in her personal grooming, but also relieved. I've been worried that she doesn't care enough about her appearance and hygiene, but after a few serious talks all of that has changed. In fact, I suspect I will regret nudging the topic because suddenly my kid wants to walk into every clothing and shoe shop we walk past!

BTW: Net cost of our holiday activities? Zero. I taught Maddy to shave, played board games, took Lolly to see the Westfields Madagascar shows, took both to the free donut decorating workshop at Donut King, and generally bummed around the house. Cheap and easy.

Anyone else's daughter growing up too fast? Did you have a lazy stay at home holiday too?

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  1. YES!!! you know my answer. Noticed it in the shower the other day. Shes getting taller and just growing. I hope she would be like me and bloom late lol.


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