Friday, October 12, 2012

Inexpensive Photo Birth Announcements

My little man was born 8 weeks ago, and it has taken me this long to organise birth announcements. I love to have a little momento to hand out to everyone, something to pop in the mail to the relo's I won't see for a while, as well as the ones over sea's who will probably never see us in person. But with Seb in hospital as long as he was, it was challenging to get a photo of him I liked enough for the announcements. So I decided to wait till he got home and I could organise a newborn photo shoot for him.
I had the same lady out as I did last year for Lorelei, and once again I am so happy I make the effort to get someone out to the house - the photos are delicious and at the house it is so much more relaxing then dragging all the kids out in their best gear to a studio. (Plug by the way for Sydney readers: Louise also does head shots if anyone needs a new blog photo).

Most of the websites I found that offer birth announcement services charge anywhere from $2+ per announcement. Not per design, per announcement.
That's definitely out of my budget, especially since my mother in law will want 15-20 just for her to hand out, and I want to give out somewhere around 80 anyway. Besides, my 2012 luxury budget pretty much all went on the photo's. So instead of going down the professional route, I fell back on my tried and true method - using the same technique as when I made last years Christmas card.
With a little Photoshop magic, I have a photo birth announcement I can print out for around 10-15 cents. So instead of paying $100+ for my announcements, I can print out 100 copies for $15 tops.

This is so easy to do:
1. Set up your Photoshop template for 6x4 (or 4x6, depending on whether you want landscape or not)
2. Create your masterpiece. There are heaps of birth announcements online if you are stuck for inspiration and tons of blogs offering free digiscrapping downloads
3. Save and print at your local photo printing place! For best result I always use the matte printing option

Voila! Cheap birth announcements.

Anyone else take way too long to get their birth announcements out? Or been a little crafty over the last few days?

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