Thursday, October 4, 2012

An open letter to Coles and Woolworths

Dear Mr or Ms CEO's,

While I appreciate the constant reducing of prices, it is unfortunate that in most cases I had to experience an increase in price first. It does not make me feel like I am saving any money to have a locked in "lower price" when it is often higher than the price from 6 months prior.

Mr/Ms Coles? My formula went up $3 before coming down again by $2. Your commitment to this price rollback is a bit of a joke. You subsidised the rollback by raising the price for 6 months first. I saw this happen with many products. As much as I was "saving" on products that had had a roll back, I was spending  as much or more on the products that had increased in price.

And Mr/Ms Woolworths? Giving me stickers to put on my products in order to get a lower price is nothing but a time consuming gimmick. Especially since the sticker reduction is no better than any other ordinary catalogue special, but I had to make an effort to get the lower price. Why not just advertise the special price instead of making me jump through a hoop to get it? And unfortunately, my 1 year old spent a blissful hour covering herself in your stickers. I suspect that was the fate of the stickers in many households across Australia.

And for you both: It is not a special promotion to get triple points/petrol discounts etc when you send me an email to activate the offer every single week. Just make it the standard offer for heavens sake.

Stop making me work so hard to keep my shopping costs down. At least Aldis doesn't mess with us with all the gimmicks and "promotions". Keep it simple. Have a genuine commitment to quality products and competitive prices. Stop focusing on your market share, and focus on your market. Me.

Warmest Regards,


This post has increased in popularity dramatically of late (July 2013), if you are coming by for a read, I would love to hear where you have come from :)


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    1. I always get my ranty pants on each week when the catalogues arrive. This week the blog got the benefit! Thanks for commenting xx

  2. So true! It's funny, because Coles and Woolworths only started to really fight for our $$ after Aldi came along and effortlessly gave us cheaper prices for BETTER PRODUCTS. Although I still hate packing my own bags lol


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