Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Showers and husbands

After 5 weeks visiting various hospitals little Sebastian is home with us! What have I learnt since we got him home?
In my own bed

When the little doodle is standing up, duck for cover. Much fun and games. I've only ever changed girls before, and they don't have quite the trajectory that Seb does.

My husband is an idiot of the best variety.

What has he learnt since we got Seb home?

Well, he has learnt that it's not clever to change your wailing newborn in the same room as your sleeping 1 year old at midnight. Not if you expect to be allowed to go to bed after handing over the newborn to your wife to feed.
After a night of no sleep thanks
to Dad - Grouchy Lolly

He's learnt that it's equally not clever to put your 1 year old to bed with a toy that not only talks but has been programmed to say said 1 year olds name in various contexts. Once again, don't expect to be allowed to go to bed when the 1 year old wakes up at 4 in the morning because her toy is calling out "Hi Lorelei, do you want to play?". Yes indeed. Lorelei would love to play.

I look forward to many more nights of feeding and Love Boat. I often turn to Twitter for entertainment at 4am, but it appears the rest of you are sleeping. Not sure why.
Next time you are awake at a stupid hour, feel free to give me a Twitter shout out.

Anyone else get an unexpected shower this week? Or have a husband who isn't making the best decisions at night time?

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