Saturday, September 29, 2012

Resisting Temptation...and....Family Planner love

I went to the Sydney Baby Expo with my SIL Sal and a few other relo's yesterday. While I'm a great, cautious shopper at big shopping centres and strips, I am hopeless at expo's, markets and fetes. Theres something about all the little stalls that just overrides my budget kill switch and I end up buying all these fabulous and irresistible items.
I rarely suffer from buyers remorse because I fall in love with these little items, ESPECIALLY when they come from someones handmade stall. All these clever work at home mums with their handmade dresses, bedroom embellishments, curios, toys, the list goes on and on but my budget does not. Don't even get me started with the grandma's that have out their knitted bootee's and blankets. I love them.
This year, I am determined to not give in to temptation. If I want to stay on maternity leave for longer than 6 months (and I am aiming for 18 months!) then I need to get better at my budget kill switch.
So when I went to the expo yesterday with the girls, I made sure there was no money in my wallet. Zilch. And I set myself the rule that I could buy whatever I wanted, as long as I really really wanted it, and was willing to go back for it at the end of the day and pay cash in person.
Since I am the laziest person in the world, and by the end of an expo day am dying to get my sore feet into the car, this actually works for me. Besides giving me some time away and perspective from the must have item, I've also got to want it badly enough to re-cover the same ground when I'm tired and just want to go home.
So I ended up with only 2 purchases yesterday. x2 pacifier grips from Little YoYo Styles for Sebastian, something I have been patrolling the Internet for looking for a sale of free shipping for the last couple of weeks.

Sal, Val from Inner-B, and Moi
And, *drum roll please*, the very fabulous, much coveted, Inner B Family Planner. I've been reading all these reviews about the Inner B products over the last few weeks, and someone (I can't remember who, I'm so sorry anonymous blogger!) absolutely sold me on the Family Planner. I really only use a diary for the last 3 months of the year, but a wall calendar I use all year round. And this planner is the bomb. Its the poo of all planners. And I bought it for the rock bottom, unbelievable price of $10 (down from $24.95) at the Expo. I was already planning on buying one online, but at this price at the expo there was no way I could miss it.

And by the way, I spent a blissful hour playing with my new toy last night, filling in all the blanks for the next few weeks. I have a major problem with husband thinking he can make plans for himself - for some reason he seems to think he can have a life of his own. Ha! With 3 kids, all with busy diaries, Hubby needs to know our schedule before making plans so he can be available when the kids exceed my capabilities.
This planner, with its separate sections for each kid as well as a generous day plan for us adults should help us to stop over booking ourselves. I love that it doesn't have the dates already written in as well - I write them myself in the "week starting" section. It means I can start using it now instead of in 2013. I'll probably let the weekly planner lapse a bit over the January school holidays, because we get nice and quiet then, so I don't have to waste pages on an empty planner.
So all in all, score for me. I only spent $36 yesterday including my share of the parking, because my ticket came free courtesy of Sal who has been doing write ups of the Expo. I resisted the temptation to buy so many beautiful dresses for Lolly, hats for Sebastian, and a series of sexy baby bags for me. I want a new baby bag so very badly, even though there is nothing wrong with the one I have. I've just fallen in love with the gorgeous leather, handbag style ones I keep seeing. Must keep resisting.

Have you resisted temptation lately? Do you have any other tips for keeping your budget kill switch under control when shopping?

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  1. Hi Elise!
    You won the Love To Swaddle Up giveaway on The Surprise Beginning! Hooray!
    If you can send me your postal details and colour/size preference I will get it sent to you ASAP :D


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