Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunday Morning Memories - Toblerone Dip and Pancakes

I have these great memories of huge Sunday breakfasts every second weekend at Dads. It was his thing on our visiting weekends. Big greasy fryups of bacon, eggs, tomato's, toast, smothered in Worcestershire sauce, and so much of it that you couldn't clear your plate. I'd spend the morning reading comics from the middle of Dads newspaper, and later on we'd wash his car.
These are strong memories for me. They kind of wipe out the years that came before that Dad forgot us more weekends than not, and the years since where he has become combination homeless derelict and surly absentee grandfather.
Anyway, bygones. This is not a post about Dad. This is about my great memory and how it has translated into my adult life. Every Sunday is special breakfast day in my home. Most days are just cereal or toast days, but on Sunday we try to make a bit more effort. Some Sundays get more effort than others though, depending on what we have on. I love that my 11 year old will prowl through our cupboards dissecting the available options. Sometimes she just wants baked beans jaffles, often we do scrambled eggs, french toast, or the sausage and egg fryup. No matter what, its always hot, and its always a chance for us to breakfast together properly.
Le Finished Result
I made the mistake back in March of taking us all to Max Brenners for Sunday brunch. Ever since, Maddy has been asking to go back every Sunday for special Sunday breakfast. Much as I love Max Brenners as a treat, its just too expensive to be eating out often, so last Sunday I dragged my fat pregnant body out of bed nice and early and got cooking my own home version of a yummy chocolate breakfast.
Considering how thrilled she was, I think I succeeded. And feeding my family of 4 only cost $15 instead of the $50+ we would have spent if we went out. I probably could have done it cheaper if I planned ahead and waited till the Toblerones were on sale, since they are the expensive part of the meal.
For those of you that are interested in replicating this for your family, I don't claim to be a spectacular chef. Any pancake shakeamix recipe will do, fresh fruit, x2 regular Toblerones, thickened cream, ice cream, and a little icing sugar sprinkled over the end result.

Both girls got stuck into theirs - Lolly didn't give me a chance to get a photo before wolfing down her pancakes and fruit, but Maddy at least gave me a big photo before following her sisters example.

If you make your pancakes from scratch instead of using the lazy chefs solution shakeamix the whole thing could be even cheaper or serve a larger group.

For the chocolate sauce, just melt the Toblerones down in the microwave, then stir through a cup of thickened cream once the chocolate is completely runny. Pop back in the microwave for another 25 seconds to make it warm again, and serve in a pot with your pancakes.

 Do you do special weekend breakfasts? Or do you produce a yummy hot breakfast every day of the week?


  1. Wow thanks for making me hungry!! that looks awesome will definately have to try it!!

  2. Wait... what is this I am reading. A recipe?? Oh Elise you made my day. Now when can we come up to your place for breakfast then ay??

  3. Yummo!! I will try this one :) Weekend breakies are huge in our house!

  4. We do Sunday morning breakfasts. Not every week, but we do them. We call them "Monster Breakfast" because when Jay was little we called him Monster and he loved it when we got croissants and sat down together for breakfast. The name stuck and we all enjoy our "monster breakfasts". Usually we go out and buy croissants for us all, sometimes we do pancakes. Even just fresh rolls seems special when we all sit at the table for breakfast. Most days it is fend for yourself, but when we sit down together we chat. I definately prefer that!

    Thank you for reminding me of some of the special dad moments. I think I have forgotten most of them.

    LOVE YOU.... Cam


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