Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy New Financial Year!

Do you get excited about doing your tax return?

I do. Its a sickness. I love seeing if the numbers I forecasted came in accurately, especially since its a detailed web that will affect any Centrelink entitlements for the kids if I didn't. 
First of July is here, and I am already whipping out the receipt tin, downloading the latest ATO software, and  cross referencing the interest from our various accounts.

Husband just ignores me at this time of year. I will probably spend the next few nights putting together new budgets and forecasts on top of prepping our returns for submission. 

Almost (but only almost) as exciting as submitting my tax return is getting the excess tax payment back into the bank account. I have no plans for our returns this year. It will just go in the bank for some long term contribution to our bigger goals. I won't be able to scrounge together much cash for saving once I am on maternity leave again, so this years tax return will add some level of comfort knowing that there is a bit of a buffer in the bank.

What about you? Are you a spender or a saver of your annual tax windfall return? Do you get giddy with excitement when the time comes to lodge, or do you procrastinate and put it till the last minute?

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  1. Definitely a saver. We have to wait several weeks for our charitable gifts tax receipts to all come in then I work on my husband's tax return within a few weeks.


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