Saturday, May 26, 2012

Price Matching - Do you do it?

There was a time when I was too embarrassed to haggle, or even price match. The conversation is so damn awkward, and it was just easier to pay the asking price then go head to head with a shop keeper or employee who was much more skilled at it than I was. I'm still not that great at it.
These days, many shops are making it easier for us to price match though. My big favourites are Kmart, Big W, and Good Guys. Its brilliant, theres no awkwardness, its written into their service offering that they will price match. The trick is, you need to do your homework first before making the purchase. These 3 stores are pretty well known for providing competitive prices. But there is always someone better if you look hard enough.
The benefits for me of using the price matching schemes instead of buying at the shop with the cheaper price in the first place?
1. Flybuys or Everyday Rewards points. I won't make a purchase just for the sake of getting these points, but if I'm making the purchase anyway, why not rack up the points? They'll turn into lovely gift vouchers later on.
2. Good Guys have got an awesome record keeping system that mean I don't have to hang onto receipts. We've taken advantage of their record keeping on more than one occasion when needing to claim some repairs under warranty. I find they make the warranty claiming process pretty painless too.
3. These shops are all local to me, and often when I have found a better price it is at some smaller chain, or isolated shop that would lose me any savings in the travel time and costs because they just aren't local.

Don't just rely on the catalogues being delivered to your mailbox, or random Internet searches to find your better price. I've mentioned this company before, because I use them all the time. Lasoo have hundreds of catalogues online that allow you to search for the product you are interested in, and narrow down to the catalogues that house it.
Even better, they have an IPhone app, and each of the 3 stores I've mentioned above always accept my IPhone  version of the catalogue for price matching, meaning I've always got the tools with me to get the best price.

Quite proud of that effort since I can't bake
My most recent bargain buy thanks to  Lasoo? Our old camera was stolen from the car where it was waiting to be returned to Harvey Norman for repairs. Loved that Canon, but I needed to replace it urgently for Lolly's 1st birthday this month. Nothing special, just the granny's and cousins in the backyard, but I wanted photo's of the experience anyway.
 After doing my research, I toddled into Good Guys, who had my preferred camera listed for $478, well under everyone else's advertised price of $499. Everyone except Ted's Camera house that is, who were offering it for $449. Thank you Good Guys, I snapped up my camera for $449 with minimal effort, and without the need to drive an hour to Ted's Camera house.
And it takes bee-yew-ti-ful photo's. I'm such a novice, all I want is a camera that does the work for me so that I can just enjoy the moment. And my new Sony produced some gorgeous shots - no touch ups on these babies yet, these are straight off the camera and already looking respectable.

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  1. I too can't stand haggling - fortunately my husband doesn't suffer from that same problem. It's so much easier when a store states in it's policies it price matches, and, being a worker of such a store, I can safely state it doesn't bother me (or my co-workers) at all to do it. The only annoying part is if you bring no proof of the competitor's price (ie/ no catalogue, no print out, no phone with website loaded), this forces us to waste time looking for the competitor's phone number and calling them or looking up their website.


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