Thursday, March 29, 2012

Knock me down and colour me stupid

I arrived in Melbourne a few hours ago after 9.5 hours of driving along MMBHH (miles and miles of bloody Hume Hwy.) Embraced the niece and nephews, and kicked back to peruse the schedule for tomorrows Digital Parents Conference again (my attendance kindly sponsored by Lasoo!).
Blame it on pregnancy brain, but I completely forgot about the gala dinner. So here I am a trillion km's from home without heels, dress, makeup......Oh my lord. I was nervous enough about tomorrow as it is.
That's ok says me. Its late night shopping! My sister laughed herself silly and took me for a drive to check out my options. Target or Big W. with only 30 minutes till closing time, the curious clerk watched while I frantically tossed on the 6 candidates for a gala dress and ditched one after the other based on hideousness or visibility of bra straps, (not a heap of options in my little overnight bag).
But voila! A floor length black dress that camouflages the bra is the winner. She'll be right.
Should have known good old Target would come through. We'll pretend its not a maternity dress. (I'm pregnant, but not that pregnant that I can get away with maternity wear yet.) We'll pretend my accessories were not scavenged from my sisters wardrobe desperately and that my makeup is actually my colours.
If you are going to be at the conference tomorrow and you see me looking less than glam, just go with it. I'm nervous enough about meeting all my blogger celebrities (consider yourselves lucky I didn't bring an autograph book) without getting one of those up and down looks that identifies every last little sale item.
See you tomorrow! I'll be the one restraining myself from squealing when I recognise you.


  1. hahaha have fun elise. say hello to all the bloggers you meet if u remember lol.

  2. AND you're pregnant - congratulations!!!


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