Sunday, March 25, 2012

I got a little older this week

Somehow age has never really had an impact on me. The years go by, but in my head I'm still the same teenager that lived it up in the final years of high school. 
This is how I think of
myself still
Those were the years of no rules, too much disposable income & plenty of time to spend it. And yeah sure, kids happened, and a mortgage, and a whole lotta kilo's but im still ME right? I'm still cool. And the me in my head is not old (or overweight). 
So this week when the NRMA sent me a lovely little letter congratulating me on achieving 10 years of membership with them, I actually felt like cancelling my roadside service. NRMA was just something I joined because that's what you did right? Especially if you didn't want to learn anything about the inside of your rattly, second hand car but didn't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. It was a stuffy, grownup service to purchase, but at 20 when you are only pretending to be a grownup it makes sense.
So 10 years later when I got the silver membership letter it was a rude awakening. Not only am I not still in those glory years of doing what I want, when I want, with no rules. I'm not even a little bit cool. Not even a smidgen. My hair lives in a ponytail most days, makeup is something for occasions, and lets face it, I carry plenty of extra kilo's around that are like old friends.
Would I exchange my household of responsibilities and commitments for those glory years? Hell no. My little 10 month old who is more like a puppy than a baby these days is the reason my hair never makes it out of a ponytail. And my 11 year old on the brink of being a teenager gives me plenty of vicarious living. And my comfortable husband who is carrying plenty of his own old friends these days is like the most delicious slipper - reliable, always there, and the part of the day I can't wait to get home to.
I'm letting go of those glory years. I will start to see myself as who I am now, instead of who I was then, and I think I have some beautiful years ahead of me.
Incidentally - did you know that if you call NRMA about your roadside service when it falls due for payment they can quote you a 3 and 5 year premium? Save 5%, and pay the current annual premium for the service instead of incurring annual increases. Noice. Have to call them for that little gem though.


  1. LOL, I don't think I felt old until I just read that my baby sister feels old. Welcome to my world!


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