Saturday, March 31, 2012

DPCON12 - The aftermath

My head is still spinning with all the inspiration and idea's coming out of yesterdays Digital Parents Conference. If you have never been before, I can't recommend the day highly enough.
I started the day forcing myself to take the steps into the hotel lobby. I was completely filled with terror at the idea of presenting myself at the conference, convinced that groups of 'real' bloggers - people who write consistently, well, and long term - would at best ignore me, at worst sneer at me.
Didn't happen. More than one person cringed and flinched as I checked them in at the registration  table(seriously, if you're feeling intimidated by these things, volunteer to help, there's nothing like a purpose to hide behind to mark the terror), possibly because I squealed in excitement as I recognised either their faces or names.But no-one sneered.
I got so much out of the day, and enjoyed myself more than I imagined.
Parent Bloggers are warm, articulate, crazy, deep, and above all passionate people. I heard stories that made me cry, stories that made me laugh, and stories that made me think.
I have pages of notes and I feel more excited than ever that I have my own little corner of the blogging sky. I met women that locked in my passion for this community. An frankly, I'm in love with Reservoir Dad and considering marrying him when my Husband is finished with me. I've never seen a man with better dance moves.
The lovely Marissa who practically held my hand as we found our little place in the Grand Ballroom. Daisy with the gorgeous red hair and striking green eyeshadow, who threw her arms around me in a giant hug the minute she saw me. Kate, Kellie, Kirally, Kylie, (hmmm all K's) many many more. So many I didn't even get a chance to talk to, but got to listen to in various sessions, or gaze at awestruck from across the room (that's right Louisa Claire, I'm talking about you).
I was so impressed at how many people brought their bubba's. The sessions were punctuated with coo's and gurgles from contented babies, and the occasional wee wail from a baby not quite so contented. I love that there is this little professional niche in the world where mums can balance their kids and their passion without compromise. And the kids were all so well behaved.
I was also impressed with the sheer size and volume of the prizes and giveaways that the conference had been able to pull. Its a testimony to how strong the Digital Parent Community is getting that Brenda was able to pull a trip to Disneyland, 3 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, an Ipad 3, hundreds of dollars in vouchers, champagne, lindt chocolate baskets, Disney book packs.......And lets not forget the swag bags we were all given stuffed full of the most amazing goodies.
Forget the PR company reps who stupidly suggested that bloggers should not be paid for their hard work. Its quite clear that some highly respected brands do not agree. Screw the PR reps. Have integrity in your blogging and the reimbursement will follow.
And last but not least thank you once again to the wonderful Lasoo who made it possible for me to attend. This was such a valuable experience.
Were you there? Did I scare you when I checked you in?


  1. wish i was their. next year hopefully i will pick up the courage to go with you. sounds liek u had a blast.

  2. I am SO embarrassed I can't even tell you. I just read somewhere that you were at the conf and thought "surely not! how did I not meet her there?" popped over here and saw that not only were you at the conference but that you have been so kind to me in this post. So bummed we didn't meet and slightly horrified at the thought that we may actually have met but I didn't realise!!!

  3. Well hello there...I am guessing I didn't meet you we are tweeting about teachers health insurance. Next time, say HI. are you going to Blogopolis? I'll be there as its in Sydney. No costs...apart from ticket and parking.


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