Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time to get back into it

I've been awol for so long. I just haven't found that magic balance yet with working, running around after 2 very active kids, housework (forget housework, I really don't care about the housework) and being pregnant.
Oh, and a second job. Yup, not that we need the money right now, although a little extra is always good. The company I've been able to get work with, has a brilliant setup allowing staff to choose what dates and locations they are available for on a case by case basis, and has heaps of weekend and evening work available. But the catch is they only recruit early in the year for their casual staff team, so if I want to be working with them when I'm on maternity leave again, now is when I need to start working. So for now I'm just doing one local shift every Saturday, something to keep me on their books. Once I have bounced back from the next birth though, I'll try to pick up 15 hours with them. I'd like to take a longer absence from my full time job this time round, so that there is where the casual job comes in.
See? So I have great excuse for being awol. But I love my blog, and I love the community I was starting to be a part of, so I need to find time for this too.
Over the coming months I need to start doing some serious financial planning on how we will fit another bubba in, and how to keep me at home with the kids for 15 months instead of the 9 months that is all I was able to make the money stretch for last time. Watch this space as I start to muddle through it all, and find ways to scrimp in a budget that was already on a shoestring.

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