Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it

I'm back to work tomorrow. Lolly settled into daycare this week really well, and Maddy is back at school thrilled with her first ever male teacher.
Tomorrow marks the start of 5:30am wakeups. Eck. Also meals cooked in a hurry, kid juggling, and housework grazing.
I'm the first person to admit that the life of a stay at home mother is busy and fulfilling. But as a full time working mother outside the home I end up taking shortcuts on our meals and housework, anything to buy more time for myself and the kids. I've really loved the organisation and tidiness that came with being at home for the last 9 months. I just hope that some of my new good habits stick when I'm back at work.
First thing tomorrow I have a meeting booked with an executive so high up I had to double check him in the org chart. In the absence of a few layers of employees right now (thanks to redundancies and lack of appointments) the job falls to him to bring me up to speed with the status of my employment and the state of the nation in my company. Welcome back, good luck reapplying for your job, that kind of thing.
So tonight I will scoff a block of Cadbury and try to focus on the good parts of returning to work. The people I've missed. Actually I lie, it's not a block of Cadbury, it's a jar of Nutella.
Care to pick up a spoon and join me?

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