Thursday, February 2, 2012

DPCON12, Mummyhearts is coming!

While I was in QLD last month, I received a magical phone call. Magic because deep down I didn't really believe the call would ever come.
The call was from Alison, a very lovely lady in charge of social media over at my favourite company of all time: Lasoo. Alison was responding to my very cheeky email where I suggested that they might like to sponsor little old me for the upcoming Digital Parents Conference. Despite the fact that I am a baby blogger on the scene, Alison tells me that Lasoo would LOVE to send one of their favourite Lasoo'ers to DPCON12!!!
10 minutes later the ticket was sitting in my email box while I sat with my head between my knee's trying not to pass out from the shock of it.
I didn't pick Lasoo at random to ask for sponsorship. They weren't even one of many that I approached. They were the one and only company that I emailed.
Why did I pick them?
Lasoo are a fairly new company that I have enjoyed for some time. I love to shop, but even more I love to get a bargain so being able to compare products across a variety of companies without having to ferret through all of the junk mail is a blessing. I use Lasoo at least weekly since most of the companies I shop with are represented there as well as many others I may not have been exposed to.
Since my blog is equal parts life, kids, and making the most of my money Lasoo and their mission to empower Australians to make better shopping decisions completely fits as a company I would be proud to display as sponsoring me.
I was also aware that Lasoo support a very active social community, as I have won prizes, made suggestions, and engaged in general chat on their facebook page. 
I would have offered to tattoo their logo on my forehead if they wanted in return for making it possible for me to attend the conference, but all Lasoo want me to do is keep showing the love! That's it!
I can do better. Bloggers, expect to see me decked out in as much Lasoo paraphernalia as I can get my hands on for the conference. I link to them constantly anyway (see here, & here!) because I love them so much.
So now that I took the plunge and obtained sponsorship (which I thought sending the request email was scary stuff, I felt so presumptuous). Now I need to get past the blogger awe and prepare to make the most of the experience. I will come equipped my with my own little celebrity blogger bingo card and plan to squeal and point and cross you off my card when I spot you. If you really want to make my day, say hi so know you aren't scary.
See some of you in Melbourne in March!


  1. Wow good on you! it pays to ask doesnt it! I am your DPC12 buddy, cant wait to meet you there :)

    1. yay!hello buddy! Cant wait to meet you too :) Dont be too disappointed in me, Its like I got pregnant and started sleeping my life away. I am working on getting my blogging back in order by DPCON so I can make the most of it.


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