Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whats a little boobie leakage between friends? Or, My day at work

I went into work yesterday in preparation for returning from maternity leave. And ignoring the 6000+ emails I had to deal with, it actually felt like I never left.

I am in limbo at the moment, not knowing what team I will be given when I return. (I'm a team leader in a financial institution). Best money says that I am getting my old team back though as my replacement has just resigned.

I used the day as a little mini test run on how life will look when I am working full time. It all started out pretty good, I had both girls packed for their day the night before, Miss M for a full day at dancing in preparation for our upcoming QLD dance eisteddfod, and Lolly for a trip to her grandmothers. It was all going perfectly.
Give up and go home or keep going? Meh, whats
a little boobie leakage between old friends?
Until Lolly picked the very last second to throw up on me and my nice new satiny top. She hasn't vomited in more than a month so I thought we were past that stage! Too late to go home, I had to make do with sponging myself off and hoping that the marks didn't show. Mostly it worked. Except for the nice round patch on my boobie. So I went to work looking like I was leaking. If I were actually breastfeeding, I would wear that leakage stain like a badge of honour. But my kid is bottle fed FFS!

Boobie leakage aside, the day went pretty well. I got my main logins and passwords sorted, cleared about 5500 emails (the easy ones!) and managed to duck out to a focus group for 2 hours discussing an upcoming Dettol shower gel release. 2 birds, one parking spot (parking is really expensive in Parramatta, but because I went into work I was able to justify pleading for a company spot for the day).

I don't feel quite as stressed about going back next month. I feel like I can slide back into a team that I know like the back of my hand, and please, how hard is it to change my top AFTER I drop Lolly at day care each day?

Anybody else done the back to work thing yet? I will miss my little Lollypop, but my brain is itching to start reading the 500 emails I have left in my inbox.

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  1. Am back 2 days a week in Feb. Am looking forward to it & excited for D to start daycare next week. I am no good at doing the full time sahm thing. Good luck for the change & enjoy your last feww weeks at home!


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