Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little break from my holiday

We've been in QLD since Saturday and so far we've had nothing but poor weather. Mornings are usually not too bad but by lunchtime it's drizzling with bursts of showers.
Poor Lolly is having the worst holiday so far. Because of the rain she spends all day trapped in her stroller, peering out at the world through her wet weather cover.
She hates this and alternates between shrieks of rage and choking sobs. She's never had to be in her stroller for much more than a shopping trip before so whole days (after spending whole days in her car seat driving here) is not going down well. So I've sent Miss M off with some of the other mums that are on this dancing tour today, and Lolly and I are enjoying a normal day at the hotel where she can roll and crawl to her hearts content.
I'm hoping she'll wake up from her morning nap early enough for a swim before the rain starts since she and I haven't managed to get in the water yet at all!
For all of my sooking above, it's still nice to be here with so many friends (there are 10 other dancing families here with us) and Miss M is having a ball.
Tomorrows weather is supposed to be fine so looking forward to a brighter day!

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  1. Sorry about the weather... it really has sucked the big one here lately. Thankfully it dried enough for our day at Wet n Wild on Saturday though. Hopefully you'll visit again... and realise we aren't such a dreary lot - really. ;)


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