Sunday, January 15, 2012

We're here QLD!

We have arrived in sunny QLD - or not so sunny.
After we settled in to our self contained unit I whipped up some hamburger mix and we trooped out to the pool to BBQ dinner and take a quick dip. Noice.
The best, and simultaneously most awkward part of the trip is that we are sharing our unit with Miss M's best friend and her mother. We are here on a dancing trip, the girls wills be performing 8 dances at a national eistedfod and since Husband can only be here 3 days of the 10 and we are on a tight budget it makes sense to share and cut all our costs down.
It's the best part because Miss M gets to share the theme parks and fun with her bestie. This is especially important since there will be alot of things I can't do with her because I need to be with Lolly.
I also happen to get along like chocolate and chicken chips with her mum so we should all have fun together.
The awkward part: 2 women in one household. Very very different women. My family is admittedly quite relaxed about tidiness whereas my friend keeps a pristine magazine beautiful household.
We are on a thin budget which means as many meals as possible need to be prepared by moi to keep eating out costs to a minimum. My friend isnt in the same situation so I'm worried that I am forcing our circumstances on them.
I know we will sort through all that and have a great time though.
Today, despite the rubbish weather we are going to brave Movie World.

My money saving tip today? Don't spend $5-10 buying rain ponchos at the theme parks or events if you are unprepared for the weather (like us!) Coles sells clear plastic rain ponchos for $1.76 - right near the eskis.

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