Saturday, January 28, 2012

A semi kind of normal

We've been home from QLD since wednesday afternoon after driving the worst trip I have ever driven. We left just in time to avoid the worst of the bad weather and flooding thank goodness, I know families who left a day later than us who said the theme parks closed the weather got so extreme.
Husband is still off having fun (working) in Germany so its just me and the girls. Despite the massive January we had with trips to melbourne and the gold coast, already the girls have slipped back into a kind of normal. I can't settle in though because I am on edge, counting down everything.
Normal as they know it is about to change. Lolly is starting daycare, Maddy returns to school and I return to work full time. I'm so anxious about what the juggle will look like but I'm determined to find a better balance than I had before I went on mat leave.
Although it may not matter since I found out while on holiday that I have to reapply for my job. Along with everyone else in my role, and everyone in the role above me since their entire job level was made redundant. Just in time for me to start back!
So who knows, maybe I will get a redundancy payout that will keep me at home with Lolly a little longer. Or maybe I will be a chosen one who gets to keep my job.
For now I just need to work with a semi kind of normal.
Have you been through this before? Any tips?

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