Sunday, January 22, 2012

QLD on a budget: Part 2

We're getting to the tail end of this holiday, and I won't be sorry to go home, although I am dreading the drive on my own. Husband left me to go home back on Tuesday, and yesterday he flew off to Germany for the dream work trip - lucky bugga.
One of the thing we have done to keep our costs down on this trip is prepare most of our meals at the resort. We made sure we are staying in a self contained unit so meals are easy. Our dinner menu this week has consisted of things like:
-sausage sandwiches by the pool
-homemade burgers (also by the pool!)
-spaghetti bolognaise
It's been a simple matter to make lunches and take bottles of water to the theme parks or eistedfods, and although I give in to the begging for a churro or ice cream occassionally, $4-6 for a treat is so much cheaper than lunch.
Miss M started out being disappointed that we weren't going out to all the exciting restaurants that her friends were, which quickly changed to excitement as we started hosting hordes of kids for sausage sangers by the pool which they all scoff down and go back to swimming. Snags and bread are a cheap enough way to entertain!
We have our final performances tomorrow. The kids are all pretty smug since they have 2 1st's and 2 places to show for the 5 dances they have done so far. With 3 more to go I hope they finish on a high but even if they don't place again it's safe to say they've had a great time.
Home soon, where I can catch up with my blog reading. The 3G here is so weak and the hotel wifi broken so mostly I'm reading ebooks right now, but twitter is tantalizing me with snippets from blogs!

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