Monday, January 16, 2012

QLD on a Budget: Part 1

Today's weather looks much nicer today, although the forecast is not my friend as it is still predicting rain.
Regardless we are heading to Dreamworld anyway! We did Movieworld in ponchos yesterday, and we'll do it again today if necessary.
Theme parks are expensive, and many of the people we are traveling with bought their tickets online or at the gate directly from the theme park.
(Insert obnoxious buzzing noise) Wrong choice! Tickets can be bought much cheaper from so many other sources!
Work social clubs, NRMA, other reward groups like Flybuys, they all sell tickets at a discounted price. Usually at least 10% cheaper than buying direct.
Also, often your hotel will have a travel organiser selling tickets to theme parks and other local attractions again at a discount. By watching all of the various cashback and reward clubs for a little while beforehand, I was able to get our Dreamworld tickets 15% off at the Nescafe cup of rewards club so the discounts are there is you hunt them down!
I've been writing this post on and off all morning and am almost at the front of line for the Thunder River Rapids so will wrap up with that.
Hope your day is less wet than mine will be!

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