Sunday, January 8, 2012

Countdown to D-day.

I feel like i'm in perpetual motion now, with nothing but deadlines ahead of me.

4 days till we leave for QLD as a family.

8 days till Husband leaves for an oversea's work trip and I become a single parent whilst on holiday!

16 days till I try to do an interstate drive home with a baby and 10 11 year old on my own

22 days till my baby starts daycare and has to become a big girl coping without Mummy. Or is that 23 days till I have to become a big girl coping without my baby?

Also 22 days till my Husband comes back to me. This will be our longest time apart since we married.

25 days till Miss M starts year 6. And thats a day I never thought would come. Being a big sister has accelerated her growing up, she has stopped being my little girl.

29 days till I return to working Full Time (capital F, T) in the office.

I feel like the next 29 days are all I have left - I used to love my job so I don't understand where this feeling of dread is coming from. I will be going in today to shmooz a little and try to kick start some of my access's but I really don't feel like it. I even dread being given back my company laptop with all of the responsibility that goes with it. Hopefully once I am around the people I used to care about as much as my family I will remember what it is I love about my job. But for now all I can think about it what I am losing when I go back.

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  1. So much here struck a chord with me Elise! I hear you on the big sister thing... having one going into year 6 as well. It's the baby going into prep this year that's sending me reeling... 14 days to go. *sigh*


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