Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby You're A Firework

As I drove home from dropping my squishy, snugly baby at daycare for the first time, my theme song was blaring in an effort to hold back the tears (that's right, I give myself a theme song. Think Ally McBeal. All the cool kids do it.)
It didn't work.
Its a little sad when her backpack is as big as she is.
Before I was even out of the street my lip started to wobble and within seconds I was blubbering. Wiping away snot and tears I at least managed to not turn around to rescue her.
Disappointingly, when I rang at 10am to find out the worst, the teachers reassured me that she hadn't cried at all, and was currently playing happily with the toddlers.
While rationally I want her to settle in and be happy at daycare, the snotty, blubbering, co dependant part of me was hoping that my baby needed me as much as I needed her.
My day brightened though. Husband, who has been away in Germany then Bangkok for work reasons rang at 10:30, he was at the local train station waiting to be picked up. Did I give him bright, shiny happy wife thrilled to be back in her husbands arms? Nope. Sorry. I'm too emotional today to express my happiness that way, he got tears as well.
Since today was her first day and she hasn't seen her father in 2 weeks, the whole family trotted out to day care at 12:30 to collect Lolly. Her worker carried her from the cot room where she was cheerfully not sleeping but seemed perfectly content. That is, until she saw me. Then her whole face brightened and she laughed and reached out for me.
My world is right again.
At least for the 30 seconds it took for her to notice her father. Then I was yesterdays news as she squealed and wriggled till she was in his arms, patting at his face and covering it in those wide, wet kisses.
We are a family of happy little Vegemite's again this afternoon. Maddy is thrilled with all the little souvenirs her father bought home, Lolly can't take her eyes off her father, and I am just happy to have everyone under my roof again. At least till tomorrow.
I've been a soggy firework today. Kinder, daycare, high school, the first day is awful isn't it?


  1. Oh Elise, what a beautiful story

  2. lol rejected. shes so cute elise look how shes looking at her daddy.


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