Monday, December 26, 2011

Worst prepared road trip EVER

This post is written from the Hume Hwy, about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. After a miraculous recovery yesterday, my sister was very excited to tell me that the family was feeling better and they were up to us arriving Boxing Day after all. And I was very excited to receive that news! But that was about 7:30 last night. And since weren't leaving for another day, we didn't pack Christmas Eve like we planned. So Christmas night was spent frantically packing and planning once I had farewelled our dinner guests. Problem is, I was bleary eyed and a little incoherent and could barely think at midnight last night thanks to too many late nights so we are halfway to Melbourne now with no snacks, not a real lot of car activities, and we didn't get around to moving Lolly's carseat over to the side from the middle seat. So Miss M, who has done this trip a dozen times and is a great traveller has done nothing but whine and moan the whole trip. Lolly is also less than impressed that there is very little crawling and explore time along the road. Husband and I keep bickering about the stupidest things (which admittedly makes us laugh) and we are making the worst time ever. I think we will need to start breaking the journey until Lolly is a little older but for now I am stuck in the car trip from hell.

How's your holiday panning out so far?

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  1. hahaha love lollys face and miss m's "im reading" face.


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