Monday, December 19, 2011

Why am I so thick? It can't be THAT hard!

When I work full time I study statistics and numbers looking for patterns, problems, and information. I can sniff out a shift in customer behaviour and identify the root cause in minutes of reviewing results.
I fiddle with complex spreadsheets and databases, and have a bullshit radar for a false sick day like you would not believe.
When I'm home, my bullshit radar is just as accurate when it comes to teeth brushing, and I spend my days chasing my energetic 7 month old from one room to another, trying to keep her mind active and my household goods safe. Her mind is an incredibly powerful little tool and I feel privileged to be an audience to her growth each day.
So why. WHY. WHY can I not figure out how to place a Nuffnang ad code? Every other blogger in the universe seems to have been able to figure this out. Clearly, it is possible. I am not a stupid woman but these damn HTML codes have me stumped.
I like HTML. HTML is my best friend when it comes to scamming a few extra photo's at no cost on my eBay ads!
So wwwwwwhhhyyy can I not figure this out! *Sniff*

AND YOUR STUPID TUTORIALS FOR BLOGGER ARE NOT EVEN UP TO DATE NUFFNANG! I don't have a layout tab, its a design tab now. So ner.

Sorry, grouchy pants moment over, I am sure I will figure it out eventually but it feels good to vent in a location where someone will possibly know what I am talking about since my husband gives me crazy person eyes each time I come to whine to him.

***Edit*** I may *possibly* have figured out one of the codes. Im not sure - see up the little right corner? I think that means I got it right although the absense of an ad.....might just mean its early days and my blog is not interesting enough yet for an ad. Or it might mean I still got it wrong. Anyways, giving up for tonight.

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