Monday, December 12, 2011

The Versatile Bloggers Award

I have read a fair few of these posts this month, and really enjoyed the insights from women whose lives I feel like I am a part of these days.
It never occurred to me that someone would tag me as I'm a relatively new blogger so I had to look twice when I was reading The Truth Behind the Supermum today- Yay me! I'm tagged. Thanks Wyl!
In being tagged I thought I should do a little research before I wrote my post, and holy crap on cracker there are so many Versatile blogger posts out there. But no-one seems to know where it started. It seems to be a bit of a blog chain letter, get a little love from another blog, share about myself, and then share the love. Tag, you're it kind of thing.
So in joining the ranks of the thousands of blogs that have had a versatile blogger award I will share 7 things about myself - and to keep it seasonal its all about Christmas.
1. Wrapping presents is just about one of my favourite things to do in the world. I can glaze out everything while I'm wrapping gifts doing perfect hospital bed corners. Its a rare, extremely odd shaped item that makes it into a gift bag in my home. And every year I have a theme for my paper. Yes, I am one of those women.
2. We are a mixed religion household - Husband is a Muslim and I am a Christian. Our household celebrates both Ramadan and Christmas (don't ask, we make it work!), but it means that I pretty much get the whip hand when it comes to Christmas, none of the multi family juggling that many of my friends go through.
3. I said none of the multi family juggling but I lied. With a sister in Melbourne, and Mother and Father divorced I still end up doing the Christmas dash from place to place every year. Usually its wake up about 7am, do Santa presents, have breakfast, open one or two family presents then rush to throw our good Christmas clothes on and get out the door for lunch with Nanna. 3 hours with Nanna then rush home to prepare dinner for Poppy and my brother. This year we'll also be packing up shop and heading to Melbourne on Boxing Day for a third Christmas with my sister. See? Where could I fit in-laws in all that? The big man knows what he's doing when he picks our soul mates. He specifically took my Christmas needs into account.
4. I love Carols by Candlelight. LOVE. I go to as many as I can. I don't even need to be associated with the group hosting them. If you put a sign up, I will come. My husband very tolerantly trails along with me on the Carols trail but just can't get into the singing enthusiastically in public thing.
5. With that in mind, my favourite Christmas Carol is We Three Kings, especially when sung by the 3 Tenors.
6. Right behind my Carols and gift wrapping fetish is my love of Christmas lights. We have a not so secret street not far from us that we found 8 years ago. Back then it was practically deserted and we could either drive slowly up and down or park and walk (depending on how tired a wee toddler Miss M was.) The occupants would usually be on their verandas and would have a chat with us while we admired. These days its been discovered and usually gets a write up. Now we park 2 streets away and walk down 2 alleys to get there. We have to do the street on foot, which is fine, but getting close enough to say howdy and thanks to the occupants is almost impossible. I think I will make little thank you cards this year. Its a massive production with fundraising BBQ's going, face painting, karaoke on a balcony and a fire brigade with Santa on the back.
7. I hate egg nog. And Christmas pudding. Bet you didn't see that one coming right? With all the Hallmarky goodness above you would think I would love them, but blech. No thanks. Give me a little chocolate tequila and some mudcake and I'm happy.
So now you know so much more about me and my Christmas fetishes its time for me to pass along and tag a few others.
1. Salwa from Salz Food Adventures - because I know she can pull out some fun facts
2. Kylie from Kylie Ofiu - the first Aussie blogger I started to read &
3. Lisa at Lonely Parent - because I always enjoy her blog posts and she's a new blogger too

If anyone out there can tell me the origins on the versatile blogger award I would love to know more.I was surprised by how far back it stretches, and across blogs from many countries.

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