Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top Gift Idea's for under $20

I've been prowling the Internet alot lately looking for inexpensive but fun gifts that I can give my nearest and dearest. I've come across a few gems that Í thought I'd share - I will mention straight away that none of these people have sponsored this post.
A personalised Uno Cards set for $19.95 - OMG are these not the best idea ever. I've ordered a set to give to a friend for her engagement covered in photo's of her and her fiance that I lifted from facebook.
Bazinga Tshirt for $11.90 USD - Perfect for the Big Bang Theory geek in your life. These guys are in Hong Kong, and the site has a million fun little bibs and bobs all cheapies. We've bought from them many many times, be prepared for a few weeks shipping time, but it always arrives. Good for stocking stuffers as a general rule, but it may be too late for Christmas delivery now.
Babushka Doll Measuring Cups $20 - Very cool. Something I would actually line up on the window sill in between uses.

Cake Pops 10 for $20 - Sorry NSW Western Sydney residents only, since you have to pick these puppies up. A unique gift for the hostess at any event, beats showing up with the predictable Cadbury Favourites (mind you, also a winner)

Desktop Ping Pong, only $16.95 - I can actually see this one getting some use. I'd love a ping pong table, but have nowhere to put one and no real desire to fork out the $$. This would be a bit of fun when people are over to be stashed away again in the shed when they are gone.
So if you were stuck for idea's I would be tickled to get any of these, and hopefully the people I bought them for will be equally tickled. And if anyone feels inclined to buy me one of the above I'm leaning most towards the babushka dolls *wink wink*
Feel free to toss some more idea's my way - I like new products that don't cost an arm and a leg.

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