Friday, December 16, 2011

So whats the giveaway protocol?

I heart me some giveaways. I really really do. I'll even admit that's the reason I first started reading some blogs, although its not the reason I now read every blog update obsessively on my iPhone while feeding Lolly. Giveaways were just my entry into the seriously awesome community of bloggers.
But since October, I have been lucky enough to win 18 (18!) prizes. Some bloody brilliant ones too that I am very excited about. My personal rule is that I only enter a giveaway if its a prize I will use in my household or have a specific person in mind to gift it to. I won't enter for the hell of it, if its a book I won't read, I don't enter - etc. Someone who will use it should win so that the promoters get what they are paying for. Proper exposure.
But here's my big question. I have won TWO prizes from one blog, twice. So repeat wins on two blogs. Do I stop entering now? Is it greedy or mean to keep entering? Because I love giveaways. I love the goodies that the post man brings every week and I enjoy the reviews. I am a promoters dream, because I buy so many things as a result of these giveaways. An extra Santa letter to go with the one I won so that both girls can have one. Fisher Price Apptivity case because I didn't win one but I was convinced as a result of the review that I wanted one. And so on.
And I notice the same people entering all the time, so much so that I actually feel like I know a few people in a facebook knowing kind of way. So maybe the repeat win thing is normal.
Giveaway bloggers, whats your feeling on it? If someone wins on your site, would you rather they not enter for a while? How long? Other giveaway enterers, do you keep entering or do you stand back for a while?


  1. I haven't run a giveaway for a little while, but personally, I think you may as well be in it to win it. The majority of winners on my blog have been drawn at random (by a third party site), so it's not me choosing. Personally, I wouldn't care if the same person kept winning! Good on them for entering! (You are so lucky to have won 18 prizes!!)

  2. I think you should keep entering. I host giveaways and have had a few people win more than one. Normally too remember its different PR companies offering the prizes to bloggers so they aren't going to notice your name popping up more than once. I have just changed my giveaways from random draws to games by skill by asking for creative answers to a question as technically bloggers leave themselves open to rules of running a sweepstake and there are rules and permits needed if using a random draw method. You will see lots of blogs starting to shift to this to.

  3. I host giveaways and I love seeing the same people enter! It's a good feeling to give things away, especially when it's something you would like yourself! Keep entering Elise!
    I'm with Jodie, I'm about to shift to games of skill/Facebook games nights so I'm not left open to any kind of prosecution or my blog being shut down!

  4. i entered into so many comps as you know and i won one yayy. i cant enter into comps that have 25 words or less im just not that creative or that good of a writer.


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