Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Christmas Tree Edition

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree
There was a time when I dreamt of a big, luscious, Christmas tree covered in coordinating decorations from David Jones. A picture perfect tree that would look like it was straight out of an American Christmas movie.
Lolly is fascinated with baubles
And since we were pretty povo we settled for a $29 tree from Kmart with a bunch of red and gold decorations from the $2 shop which looked....OK. I'm pretty fussy, so I can make cheap look nice still and have been reasonably happy with it ever since.
But somewhere along the 11 year journey we have been on as a family, I got the perfect tree and didn't even realise it. Right when my daughter and I were laughing over a shared memory linked to a decoration I had my epiphany.
My tree is already straight out of a Hallmark advertisement. My daughter and I share memories, and have started entwining her sister in those memories too.
Every year I buy one special decoration for each of my girls that symbolises something special for the year. I usually buy myself something too, just one or two that is unique and meaningful to me.
Every year the generic baubles on my tree get a little less, and the meaningful special decorations get a little more. And this year I realised that none of my decorations match, none were really bought to complement one another, and yet I have the perfect tree. Its smothered in memories. As we unwrapped them and hung them on the tree Miss M and I kept up a steady stream of conversation about the event that each decoration punctuates.
1. Mickey ears from America, 2. Handmade by Miss M age 2, 3. Nutcracker from Miss M's first Ballet,
4. Train from our visit to the Polar Express Ballet, 5. Lolly's first Christmas 2011, & 6. Miss M's first Christmas 2001
I've had to adjust some decorations since to put the less breakable ones up the top and the more jingly or plastic ones down the bottom where Lolly can play to her hearts content but all in all this tree is perfect.
And as always Dear Husband played out our usual Christmas tradition of growling that he should have put the lights on BEFORE Miss M and I decorated. While we snickered because we had already whispered and guessed that he would say that before he was halfway done.
I heart my tree. And I am so going back for that Peacock decoration in a weeks time when Nospendver is up.
Is your tree covered in memories, or do you have the dream decorators tree? I promise to ooh appropriately over your photo's if you paste a link ;)

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