Sunday, December 11, 2011

A little blog neglect for a good reason

This has been a massive weekend for me, which will hopefully excuse my blog neglect. Between school finishing for Miss M, my company Christmas party, Santa photo's, birthday parties, 10 year wedding anniversary, going to the "How to Train your Dragon"event at Fox Studio's and sleepover preparations I've been a busy little Vegemite.
It shouldn't have been as busy as it was but since we have never actually celebrated a single anniversary before, I was determined that for once we would be going out. And staying out. And over achiever that I am, I wanted to fit everything else in too.
Of course, I haven't touched my eyebrows since Lolly was born 7 months ago. My last waxer (waxist? Eyebrow lady?) closed 8 years ago and I haven't found a new one yet. So I had to dig out a pair of tweezers and dust them off in preparation for Fridays Christmas party and Saturday night naughties with the Husband.
And then there was the dilemma of what to wear to both events. I lost 25 kilo's while I was pregnant (yes, I LOST weight while I was pregnant), which was a good thing because hey! I had more than 25 to lose. And while I haven't lost any more since Lolly was born, I also haven't gained any again. But the big problem is that I have nothing to wear. Really. I haven't bought many new clothes, and although I have dug out many things that I put away when I started gaining weight 8 years ago, there wasn't really anything for a big night out. And right now, there is no money for new clothes. I will try to get a few basic essentials for work in the January sales but until then I make do.
So I picked out the smallest of my pretty dresses and made a few adjustments to make them a bit more fitted - I mostly succeeded but I couldn't keep my jacket on my shoulders last night, it kept drooping.
*Sigh* I know, tough problem to have right? Boo hoo me, I lost 25 kilos and now I have nothing to wear.
Miss M had a sleepover at her besties house Saturday night, which took care of the Sunday birthday party dilemma since Bestie and Mum took Miss M along with them. Lolly slept at MIL's which gave me plenty of pangs but I knew she'd be fine - I'm in no rush to leave her again now till I go back to work though.
10 years married. Wow
And Dear Husband and I enjoyed a late dinner at Darling Harbour and enjoyed the 9:30 fireworks. I was amazed to see how many kids were in the city at that time of night - we have gotten so used to having a 6-7 o clock dinner with Miss M over the years that I even forgot what it was like to eat so late.
I have a message for all the young ladies in Sydney. If I can see your bum cleavage, its been too short for the last couple of inches. No-one wants to know what you had for breakfast.
And just lastly, we had a lively stay at the Wyndham Resort Sydney courtesy of my MIL and FIL. At least, I meant to say lovely, but when I text my friend it came out lively. And it was my 10 year anniversary and we didn't have the maybe it was also lively.

Was anyone else at the "How to Train your Dragon"event at Fox yesterday? The cinema was pretty empty (I felt so sorry for the organisers, and it was a great movie + sequel) but there was probably another 8 or 9 groups of 4 people and I wanted to introduce myself since I pretty sure most would be mummy bloggers but was too bashful. Howdy if you were there


  1. Sounds like a great night out! I especially like the 'livelyness' of your hotel room stay :)

  2. @Sara @ Tis The LifeI was mortified when I sent the text! Completely set myself up. Thanks for commenting :)


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