Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inexpensive Photo Christmas Cards.

I don't usually send Christmas cards, I'm one of those exceptionally lazy people who just can't get my butt into gear early enough to make a list, write the cards and mail. This year I really wanted to send photo cards to everyone, because much as I love and enjoy my Aunty's, Uncles and cousins, since adulthood, these days I only see them at weddings, funerals and special occasions. Thank god for facebook.
I was horrified to see the cost of a Santa photo + 40 cards was going to cost easily $100 at my local Westfields. Even more if I got more than a basic photo package.
Poverty stricken as we are this year while I am on maternity leave I broke out the alternatives.
First, a free photo from Harvey Norman. Not quite as swishy or expensive looking as the Santa's at Westfields or Myers, and you have to wait a few days for the photo so no instant gratification but FREE.
Next, a little bit of photoshop magic and voila! A 4x6 Christmas card that I can have printed at Big W (or anywhere really) for 15 cents or less. So total for 40 cards will be $6 and I have something that I can also email out to people instead of mailing if I want. I will be mailing to the family that might like to have it on their fridges, emailing to anyone else that I think would love to get it but doesn't necessarily plan to put our photo on display in their home.
If you are less lazy than me, you could also take the time to personalise each card and save as separate JPEGs, but I will just be handing out these generalised ones. I might write on the back of the photo. Maybe.

I don't fully understand how the whole online credits thing works, but I am no photoshop genius, all my idea's and concepts tend to be inspired by other people, or even blatantly copied so if you do decide to do something similar or even the same you don't need my permission or to give me credit. The people who actually created the elements and fonts need their credit though. Feel free to email me a copy of what you did or a link though since I'd love to see it!

Credits: Elements by Designs by Sarah. Fonts: Budmo Jiggler, Euphemia, & SBC Love Mom. Idea: Haphazardhappenstances. All credit items were free.

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  1. Thank you so much for using my elements and letting me know about it! I love your family christmas card.
    Can I please showcase your card on my blog? I'll also put a link to your blog!
    I wanted to showcase all layouts and cards on my blog somewhere between December 24th and December 30th.
    Please let me know if it's ok for you.



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