Friday, December 16, 2011

Feel free to hate me

This time last year I was a screaming dribbling mess, barely restraining myself from slapping the face of the woman who took the last Zhu Zhu pet starter kit off the shelf at Big W. I was almost sobbing by the time I found parking, after 30 minutes of looping the parking lot levels, frustrated as the time ticked by and exceeded the length of free parking (3 hours) waiting in long queue's, and ready to sell my first born to the highest bidder if she did not stop disappearing from my side to look at various fascinating things. Add swollen ankles and a constant need to throw up the scarce contents of my stomache thanks to the worlds best weight loss pregnancy and it was a seriously hideous trip.
The last trip the Westfields is usually like that for me frankly. I'm pretty good at organising Christmas, but about a week out there is always a list of things to buy from the shops to tie up the loose ends.
This year was no different, and when I woke up this morning I was dreading the trip. I was organised enough, I had my list made up of everything I had to buy, and even more organised into what order to buy them to minimise useless walking through the centre. Im on a tight budget both with money and time today, so paying for excess parking fee's and being late for our Gymbaroo class was out of the question. But in order to time it all perfectly to link in with Gymbaroo and lunch times I got to the Westfields at 10am, probably the worst time ever. Every other feral in the west has had time to get there before me, and very few have been in there long enough to be leaving yet.
Miss M was sulky thanks to a ticking off first thing in the morning to get her moving. Lolly was also grouchy because we've just welcomed tooth #3, but tooth #4 looks like it should arrive any day. I was expecting this to be a nightmare trip of feral kids, and an even more feral mother.
The lights were all green the entire 25 minute trip to the Westfields. Scratch that, it was a 20 minute trip today.
Thanks to the sulks, Miss M sat silently in the back, and didn't give me the usual harassment to play punchbuggy or spotto with her.
I pulled into the Westfields and immediately found a spot right next to the store entry and the parking lot exit without doing so much as one lap or any stalking. Unheard of.
I was able to buy everything on my list bar one (thanks BIG W, now I have to brave another complex to try and get that Junior Masterchef book for Miss M's best friend). With 14 things on my list with items from one end of our ginormous Westfield to the other I fully expected to have to come back a second day.
After being fed her morning solids Lolly promptly fell asleep without any help (frantic rocking of the pram covered by a blanket).
The two more expensive items on my list were on sale - this time of year I am no longer bothering looking for sales, I just buy the leftover items full price. But I got Husbands new rash shirt that he asked for at 40% off, and our dance teacher turned school teachers new Parker pen 25% off. Sweet.
Lines flowed quickly, with little delay. All hands were on deck in every store making the checkout lines long but very quick to move.
Miss M sensed that today was not the day. She very quietly followed me from store to store and carried the bags without being asked. Good girl.
I toddled out of there with everything on the list bar the masterchef book with 15 minutes to spare on the free parking.
Do you hate me? This time last year, if someone had described this kind of trip to me I probably would have crossed them off my Christmas card list forever. But it was the best and most productive shopping trip ever.
Fingers crossed I do not think of anything else I need now. From here on I should only need to do the grocery shop which can be done at a Coles in a newish suburb instead of a major centre.
Whew, Christmas sorted. I can go to bed happy. After I have tossed back a glass of chocolate tequila and a donut. Because that's how I roll.


  1. just a little tiny bit.

    But also thinking it is about time someone had a good christmas shopping trip story.

  2. So glad I'm pretty much shopped up by now!! Hope you enjoyed your tequila and donut :O)


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