Friday, December 2, 2011

Credit Card Update: Its GONE!

*Insert happy dance here*. I was determined to clear it by that date or dip into the holiday fund but thankfully by spending practically nothing for 3 weeks I have been able to get it paid. That leaves me 23 days till Christmas to finish the shopping - gaaah. Fortunately I have most presents, although one or two to go.
Husband and I have been frantically focusing our online survey efforts on 2 survey companies in particular that provide vouchers as rewards so that we can get Nanna's present from them. The last 2 vouchers hit my inbox this morning so she's set.

I'm not a great photographer but she was a beautiful
model so I'm hoping they will look good framed
 I took advantage of having my brothers 9 month old daughter over the other day to dress her up and take some photo's of her, so I will be toddling up to Spotlight this weekend to make use of a voucher I have and buy some frames. They haven't had any portraits taken of her so I'm thinking this should be a good present.
Miss M and Lolly are mostly done - I just don't have the "Something to Read" for both girls yet, so I will have to get up to QBD to suss out some book titles.
Other than that its just Husband and I who don't have presents. We don't always do presents for ourselves, but its important for the girls to be able to pick something to give to us so that Christmas morning is as much about them giving us a gift and waiting for the reaction as it is to open gifts. So we will take the girls shopping for little things this year for each other I think, and encourage a certain amount of handmade.

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