Friday, December 23, 2011

Breaking news! She's PREGNANT!

Hold that purse tight Kate - gotta mean theres a
bubba in there!
Kate didn't drink champagne at a recent function. Might have nothing to do with needing a clear head to stay royally correct, or even abstaining because she is trying to get get pregnant, she must be pregnant!
She followed her PA into a different room at an event. She MUST be pregnant, because pregnant women do that kind of thing.
She held her handbag tightly recently. Busted! She must be pregnant!
And lastly, she was photographed with her hand in front of her stomach. No wait, that photo was from the day before her wedding. Oh hang on! There's a more recent one.
This ones from 24 hours BEFORE the big day.
Sometimes thats just a convenient place to put
your hand bump watchers
Sources close to the duchess, and palace insiders say.....puh-lease. They're about as close as the tourists with their noses pressed up against the palace gates.
I can't begin to imagine the pressure on this poor woman. 10 years into the making of my first beautiful daughter people had long since stopped asking me if we were trying for a second. But now that gorgeous little Lolly has joined our family the big question has started again, although now there is a big emphasis not just to try for a third, but to try for a boy.
I remember how much stress and pressure I placed on myself each month to get those double lines on my pee test. And no one even knew we were trying! How much more stressful for Kate who has the world watching and magazines dissecting her every movement and how it could relate to a pregnancy.
Even worse, they announce her pregnancy to the world on their covers long before she has anything to show and is quite possibly - wait for it - not even pregnant!
Let her pee on her stick in private journo's, we'll find out when the palace is good and ready.

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