Sunday, November 6, 2011

To infinity and beyond....I'd settle for bed

Every year around this time I question my sanity. When I'm sewing piggie tails on at 3am, or hotgluing satin to cardboard boxes to make giant birthday presents I always swear that it will be different next year.
No, its not mardi gras.
Its the annual dance concert for Miss M. And every year we have the frantic rush to get the little details on costumes right. I have zippo skills when it comes to sewing, and yet year 9 home skills class comes rushing back. Somehow I find what I need to attach sequins, beads, elastic, you name it.
Today was the big concert rehearsal for next Sundays Toy Story extravaganza. You know what they say about a bad rehearsal right? We are going to have an awesome show if today's shocking rehearsal is anything to go by.
Half nekkid dancers missing costume bits, tails falling off, hats covering eyes, and some forgotten dance moves. It always comes good in the end.
My latest challenge is to pull together some kind of rocket that a teenager sized Buzz Lightyear can wear on his back.
Feel free to offer any suggestions, because with 6 days and counting I am at a loss.

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