Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The answer to my prayers

So in my credit card balance induced woes, I buried myself yesterday in chocolate and blog soul food. And found exactly the inspiration I needed. I will be doing Nospendver, (No Spend November) to pull together the cash I need to keep my holiday intact but still pay off the credit card.
I have 100% poached the idea from one of my must read blogs - Kylie Ofiu - who appears to have gotten it from one of her must reads - Jangles.
I will spend the next 30 days spending NOTHING that is not a necessity. Some things cannot be scrimped on. Like formula. Lolly must be fed and her options aren't huge. But tinned food is not a must, especially since I have ingredients in the house to make baby food from scratch, I've just been too lazy to get onto it. This commitment is about redefining what necessity actually means.
Supermarket lunchbox snacks are out the window. I will be whipping together some muesli and oat bars that I know Miss M loves, and bagging up some corn chips and popcorn. I have the makings for cheese and crackers already in the house, so lunch snacks are set.
Fruit, sandwich meat & milk, these things are still on the buy list. Fair enough, I don't have a cow in the backyard that I can sacrifice for the cause. But I do have a bread maker and most ingredients.
To be fair, my Chrisco hampers will arrive 4th December. But I am pledging not to touch the food until 14th December so that I can see this through and feel good about getting back on the money merry go round. (See this post about my 2012 Chrisco Hamper pledge).
I'll share over the next few days how I make this happen, and hopefully the end result will be a much healthier credit card balance.

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