Saturday, November 19, 2011

A penny another penny off the credit card

Bah, I hate shopping at Aldi's, I really do. But I like the receipt at the end, theres no arguing that they are cheap and are great at what they do. But give me the ease of shopping at my nice quiet Coles with its new and roomy baby trolley's any time.
$51 later I came home with a massive trolley full. I didn't buy my meat there as the butcher next door is much cheaper and I can buy the quantities I want instead of conforming my meals to the prepared quantities in Aldi.
$42 at the butcher, $12 at the fruit and veg shop for what I couldn't get/didn't like at Aldi, and $40 at the pharmacy for formula.
So far this fortnight has cost $145, from a normal budget of $300. I still need another $20 for incidentals over the fortnight. Topping up milk, getting fresh fruit and sandwich meat next week etc etc.
I would have liked to have cut the grocery bill down even further, but there is just nothing left in the house. No meat, no basics. I let Husband do the shop last fortnight because I was busy with the concert, and I still can't figure out what he spent $300 on. That's part of why there was so much takeaway.
It looks like I should be able to throw at least another $130 ish towards the credit card, on top of what else I have scrimped. I'll have to figure out where its up to when all the payments I have made have cleared.
One good thing to come of it is a nice, planned out meal plan. I always do plan my meals, but because its not in writing on the fridge door, we often forget to defrost meat, or make the wrong meal and use up ingredients meant for other meals, or even just defrost the wrong meat (like a roast on a night without much time) so it goes to waste. So I locked it in writing because there is no room for wastage this fortnight.
Daughter is loving having the dinner roster where she can see it, and I am liking the efficiency of it. I think I will keep this up.
Week 1Crispy Chicken TacosEat at Teta & JidorsSpaghetti BolognaiseNachosBurgers
Garden Salad
BBQ Sausages
Potato Bake
Garden Salad
Lamb Chops
Potato Bake
Week 2Garlic and Herb Chicken on riceEat at Teta & JidorsSpaghetti BolognaiseBurgers
Garden Salad
Sausage Casserole on Mashed PotatoBBQ Steak Sandwiches
Potato Bake
Pick Up Dinner

Kind of repetitive, but I was able to take advantage of 2 kilo's of meat being cheaper than one kilo if you know what I mean.'And I'll make some things in bulk and be lazy week 2 by just reheating.
So whats on the menu for you this week?

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