Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paperbag princess, thats me

I've spent the last hour with my head in a paper bag taking deep breathes. Someone actually linked to me on their blog. Something I wrote made enough of an impact on someone else, that they actually linked to me!!!
Everything is Edible is part of my weekly blog trail - it's the right blend of life, kids, technology and giveaways to be right up my alley. So you can imagine how tickled I was when I spotted all the traffic coming my way from her site.
But. Epiphany moment. I'm realising I like my validation way too much. I admit it. When I get my hair done, I revel in people commenting on it. Pregnant? Absolutely rub my bump, I was pretty proud of it actually. Coming to visit me? I'll spend hours, sometimes even a whole weekend (or week!)scrubbing, polishing, vacuuming, arranging, only to say, "Sorry the house is such a mess"when you arrive. Link to my blog and I nearly hyperventilate. Just cos I love the validation.
But while I'm sure I return the favour to other people, I'm not sure I go out of my way to consciously try to make them feel good about themselves. Notch up a life lesson. If I like validation, I bet alot of other people do too. I will be trying extra hard now to notice the little things that make people feel good - online and off.
Am I alone in this? Are you a super strong women who doesn't need validation?

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