Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Babyproofing Mission

Oh wow does my home need baby proofing. And I don't mean kid proof locks on the bathroom or kitchen cabinets, and protective plugs on all available powerpoints. That's the easy stuff.
When Miss M was born 10 years ago, we had only just managed to get ourselves into a rental property in time for her to be born. We didn't own much back then, and in fact filled the house with a fantastic furniture package because a beanbag and milk crate didn't seem to quite fill the house.
It only took Lolly a few seconds to
roll from her playmat to the corner
10 years later, I'm only just realising how far we've come. There are dust catchers everywhere. So much stuff that lives on the ground or on low shelves that is just going to have to find a new home.
I knew this day was coming, and yet somehow I feel as surprised as I was when Miss M suddenly became mobile.
Lolly has only been able to roll from her back to her tummy up till now. Suddenly this weekend she's off. She can roll from tummy to back now too, and now I can't leave the room for fear of what she will get into. My sewing kit in the corner, the box of tissues next to the couch, or the My Little Pony accessories tucked into the castle in the playroom.
So today's big job is to start making over the house. Finding new appropriate homes for everything and keeping track of Lolly in the meantime since she thinks its great fun to go rolling down the hallway looking for adventure.
Heaven help us when she starts to crawl! I can see already that she is drawn to Miss M's room like a magnet.
Any baby proofing tips for me? I want my home to still be functional and welcoming and not banish Miss M to her room for her toys, but I need to make it safe for Lolly too.

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  1. i know what you mean my squeek is the same. and everything goes in her mouth. this morning she found a monoply piece and had that in her mouth lucky Miss L saw her and took it from her. i have to remind the kids to hide things like that from her its so dangerous. and i have to be careful of where i put her now cause of her rolling she rolled of my bed the other day while i was getting changed. bad mother of the yr award goes to me yayyy.


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