Friday, November 18, 2011

Mummyhearts and the no good very bad day

Its not even 10:00 yet and this day sucks big time. It started when I woke up and was captive in front of Channel 7's sunrise while feeding Lolly with the remote out of reach. I love Sunrise normally, its a little grownup pleasure that I've learnt to appreciate since I went on maternity leave and found time for it.
But today I sat and cried buckets watching the footage of the Quakers Hill nursing home fire. Any fire is bad enough, but this was hideous. I can't comprehend the fear and disorientation those poor grandma's must have felt. Waking to find yourself in a smoke filled room, a body that has betrayed you long ago into being bedridden, and then being dragged out into the cold morning air and left abandoned on a lawn to shiver while others are rescued. Normally I would switch off news like that and read about it in the paper where it doesn't hit me quite as hard. I can't help it, I still cry when Artax dies in Neverending Story.
Miss M followed this up by a pre-teen performance worthy of an Oscar. What happened to my well-behaved baby that I smugly used to compare with the children of others? She's normally respectful, rational, and so full of personality. This morning she was full of personality alright. 7 of them, and all of them needed to be sent back to bed.
And some work news, that I can't even share yet due to releasing date restrictions, has me so bummed.
There is still so much day left for bad things to happen, so I am tempted to go back to bed and hide from it.
I need hugs and puppies right now.

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