Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I heart me some samples

Its taken me a while to do a write up on these, but finally I have finished wading through the volumes of free nappies that I received at last months Baby Expo.
My biggest issue with free samples is that usually you only receive 1 nappy, or one little squeezy sachet of creams. I'm not greedy, but for me to really make a decision about a product, I like to see how it fares under all circumstances. For a nappy, I want to see it through a Number 1, 2, & 3, as well as nighttimes. Anything less than that leaves me undecided about the quality and less likely to make the change.
I was tickled when the very lovely lady at the Little Takas stand handed me 4 packets of x2 nappies. So generous right? And I just had to laugh when husband returned from his trip to the baby change room with another 4 packets - he didn't realise I had already wandered in that direction on my own.
Little Takas got an awesome workout in my home, I had high hopes of them. See,  I had always had a vague feeling that I am letting down the side by using disposable nappies. So many of the stay at home mama's I know are using those super funky reusable nappies now, but I'll be honest and admit that I will throw out those funky nappies once they have a #2 in them rather than deal with it - so much for reusable.
Little Takas gets the tick of approval from me on all fronts
-Survived everything my daughter put it through
-Lovely and soft, I really liked the fabric feel of the nappy
-90% decomposed in only 6 months (a normal nappy takes 100 years+ to decompose!)
-Australian Made
-The complimentary wipes are also lovely and thick
The only drawback for me is that at $0.71 per crawler nappy they're definitely moving into the luxury price range for us right now on one income. But the site has lots of specials so I've joined the mother club to see if I can make these nappies more affordable.
Do you know of any other Australian products I can roadtest? I love to support local business when I can and am always looking out for new products to try - I don't expect samples or freebies, (although they rock!) just suggestions of something worth trying.

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